Bridge Fourteen - Ponte del Cristo

As we walk from bridge to bridge I'm getting more and more fascinated by the variety of designs found in the iron rails of the bridges. There's so much variation and styles in them. So I just had to take a minute to look carefully at the arty bits of the next bridge, the Ponte del Cristo.

Ponte dei Christo

There are two flower motifs in the wrought iron work, one a pointed three-leaf bloom and another in the shape of a tulip. The railings  also have cast iron, sculpted knobs on top that add nicely to the finishing. 

Therein lies the luring appeal of Venice for its millions of visitors - architecture and structures in the city are never merely functional; they're miniature works of art that permeate every corner of the island. Walking around Venice is like wandering through a very large and extended open air history of art installation, small wonders abound around every corner.

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