Bridge Eighteen - Ponte de la Malvasia

We're now on our way to the next bridge - the eighteenth now - which is the Ponte de la Malvasia. It's on a continuation of the Rio della Fava which becomes the Rio de San Zulian. And on arrival, yes, here's the green garbage boat we saw from afar at the previous bridge again! Just like a regular rubbish truck he obviously moved to the next stop on his cleaning route through the canals. 

Ponte de la Malvasia

The Malvasia bridge is a sturdy, all-steel affair with a simple railing and stone steps. Someone has stencilled an orange snail onto one of the uprights. Curious. Pop culture has permeated Venice, and no public space is sacred.

About the name of the bridge: 'Malvasia' is a sweet, intensely flavoured fortified wine produced in various regions of the Mediterranean, but not locally. It was a product commonly traded in Venice in its heyday, to the extent that wine shops were called 'malvasie'. 

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  1. "It's on a continuation of the Rio de la Flava which becomes the Rio de San Zuilian." - you mean Rio della Fava and San Zulian. Also, that's a snail, not a slug.