Bridge Twenty-Four - Ponte dei Dai, and the "Flower Bridge"

To be honest, the next bridge on our list we had to cross, the Ponte dei Dai, was a bridge that's almost identical to the one we'd crossed a moment ago, except for an interesting walkway leading up to it.

At this point we veered a little from our pre-programmed route.

We spent more time at an interesting-looking bridge right next to the Ponte dei Dai that wasn't on the schedule: An unusually narrow, flat wood and metal bridge that led straight into a pretty embroidery shop. It's obvious this was the shop's own bridge and not an 'official' one due to its unusual design and the fact that there was a lamp post erected on it, as well as the bright red flowers in the plant holders attached to the railings. We couldn't find a name for this attractive-looking bridge, so we just called it 'The Red Flower Bridge'.

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