Bridge Sixty and Sixty-One - Ponte Rosso and Ponte Storto

On to Ponte Rosso - the red bridge. Apart from the reddish building at the one edge of the bridge we didn't see anything of that colour on the bridge itself, although most descriptions of it say otherwise. Perhaps that's how it looked in a previous incarnation.

Ponte Rosso
Ponte Rosso

After crossing the Ponte Rosso - there didn't seemed to be much of particular interest in the area - we turned left and walked along the Fondamenta dei Cereri, skipping three bridges before stopping at the next one on our route; another one of those slanted ones and therefore, another Ponte Storto.

Ponte Storto
Brand new - Ponte Storto.

Only this one was closed for repairs, the first one we've encountered on the route so far! The working area was enclosed with orange mesh and a sign saying it was shut until December 2012. Well, it was April 2013 now and it was still closed, so I guess renovation work was going a little slower than expected. Nevertheless the new bridge, a cute wooden one that was being built onto the existing foundation looked quite pretty and close to being completed. Perhaps next time we visit, we'd be able to use it. Hopefully.

Because the Ponte Storto was closed we couldn't walk across the Ponte de la Madonna but just pass it by on the way to the next bridge, the Ponte de Santa Maria Maggior. The former is a solid-looking wooden bridge which leads to a neighbourhood adjoining the harbour and the goods rail station, and therefore it was quite busy compared to the other bridges in the vicinity.

Ponte de la Madonna, which we skipped.

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