Bridge Sixty-Three - Ponte dei Tre Ponti

And here's a spaghetti of bridges: The Ponte dei Tre Ponti, or Bridge of Three Bridges. In fact, it used to be three bridges before a new canal, the Rio Novo, was dug during the nineteen-thirties which pushed the number of bridges in this 'bridge highway interchange' up to five. It's all a little confusing, all these bridges over what is essentially two canals, crossing each other at right angles.

 Ponte dei Tre Ponti

We walked around the five bridges for more than a few minutes, crossing this one then that, scratching our heads as to exactly how many bridges this mish-mash should count for. Strictly speaking there are five bridges, but then they lead onto one another without a proper landing. I tried all sorts of angles but nowhere can one get a clear view of all of them, although I did manage a shot that shows at least a little bit of all of them, if you look carefully. In the end we decided that it'll count as one bridge, because none of the five bridges has its own name - Ponte dei Tre Ponte is the name shared by all of them. Adeline dutifully counted the steps of all the bridges, and reported that collectively they have 93 steps shared between them.

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