Bridge Thirty-Eight - Ponte Storto

Next we encountered another Ponte Storto, one of those skewed bridges that crosses at an elbow in the canal, and thus at an odd angle. 

Ponte Storto

It leads into a small, quiet square, the Campiello dei Callegheri, with an ornamental, traditional water well-head located prominently in the middle of it only metres from the bridge. The well-head has a Romanesque design which means it's probably very old, since many such structures predate those with Byzantine and Renaissance designs. For many years these wells were the hub of the community and the place to catch up on the latest news and gossip as people gathered around to collect a bucket or two of water for their homes. Some wells in the city still have that function, complete with water on tap, and are much appreciated by the dogs of the city, who stop by for a quick drink during their morning and afternoon walks. 

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