Bridge Twenty-Nine - Ponte del Teatro

After a welcome break at the previous bridge we took a small detour to the Ponte del Teatro.

Ponte de Teatro

Given the obvious-sounding name of the bridge we were expecting to find a theatre next to it, but what was once a place of arts and culture originally built in 1755 and named after the composer Rossini is now a supermarket. Is that a sign of the times? Not really, since there are a myriad other grand venues earning their keep as spaces for music and performance, and anyway, the rather ordinary architecture hardly made for an impressive building worthy of an arts venue.

Ponte del Teatro is one of very, very few bridges that are wheelchair friendly, and one of even fewer that has a wheelchair lift. Whether the lift works is another question of course.


  1. And the answer is that it doesn't. None of them do! I have read that the stair-lifts were designed for indoor use only! That may not be true (who knows with Venice politics?), but none of them work. Has anybody seen the "egg" on the side of the Calatrava Bridge work?

  2. Indeed. The stair-lift looked very rusty.