Bridge Fifty-Six - Ponte Foscari

The area we're now approaching is once again student heartland. It didn't take long before we walked past the entrance to the main seat of the famous Ca'Foscari University, located right next to our next bridge, the Ponte Foscari.

Ponte Foscari

The bridge and the university building suit each other. Both are smart structures made from white stone and complement each other architecturally very well. We peeked through the gothic lunetta - an ornate portal common to decorated buildings - onto a large, quiet courtyard in front of the university building. There was an outdoor cafe to the side, and since we could do with some refreshments we decided to pause here for a while.

The cafe was quite a stylish, cosmopolitan affair serving their brews in large mugs rather than the normal cups we were used to. It was also the first time in Venice that we saw lattés - a decidedly un-Italian drink - on the menu. We expected the worst as far as the bill was concerned - elegance costs money - but when the time came to pay, it was among the cheapest places we had coffee in all of Venice. The coffee tasted first class, and for a change we didn't feel like having a second cup. Blame Starbucks, but there's something to be said for a large mug of Brazilian Arabica.

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  1. Hmm, I might have to see if they make good macchiatone next time I'm in Venice.