Bridge Number Forty-Four - Ponte San Cristoforo

After crossing Ponte San Cristoforo we ignored the bridge at first and headed onto an adjacent small campo where a moss-covered, well-worn cast iron fountain that looked like it had been standing here since the day Venice was born poured a steady stream of cool, fresh water from a small sculpted pouting face. It was just the thing our dried-out mouths had been crying out for since five bridges back.

The Ponte San Cristoforo also looked like it had been renovated recently, with a broad flight of steps that didn't at all look like it had felt the wearing down of thousands upon thousands of feet. The way the steps wrap around the bridge at a ninety degree angle gave it a strange aesthetic appeal with the steps appearing like a wide, frozen waterfall gushing from the top of the bridge. Whoever designed the bridge definitely had a flair for visual appeal. But then, so did most of the designers of bridges in Venice.

Ponte San Christoforo

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