Bridge Number Forty-Three - Ponte San Vio

The Ponte San Vio is the bridge you'll cross just before you reach the Peggy Guggenheim Collection.

Ponte San Vio

The plaque on the bridge's neat, white stone wall says it was renovated in 1991, which is probably true as the bridge with its simple iron balustrades supported by round stone pillars bears none of the luminous green algae sloshing in the water around its base and grassy growths creeping from cracks that are typical of older and less well-kept bridges.

We passed the Guggenheim, located in what is  the only single storey palace in Venice, about two minutes after leaving the Ponte San Vio behind. Since the Guggenheim is my favourite art gallery in Venice, it was very, very tempting to pass through its ornate gothic gateway for a quick walk-through. However, I resisted the temptation - places to go, bridges to cross, you know.

Ponte San Vio

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