...and the first bridge is...

Right, where shall we start?

It's quite difficult choosing the first bridge of the one hundred I'll be crossing during the 100 Venice Bridges Challenge. Should it be the prettiest bridge? One that'll make a good photograph in the early hours of the morning? Or one that's at point that is a logical start of a route across Venice, seeing that I've only got twelve hours or so to pass by each one of them. Sigh, choices, choices...

After looking at the map of a while I decided to start at the bridge which is probably the remotest on the island, on it's south-eastern corner - the Bridge of Gardens in Castello. I vaguely recall passing by this bridge on a previous trip when I visited the Biennale, so if you're familiar to Venice you'll know which area I mean. It's an area that's strangely un-Venetian, with parks and open space quite unique to the well-know and much-photographed Venice, which is densely built-up and cluttered in a way. It's in fact quite a nice area to unwind in after a long day of museum visits and surviving the tourist crowds.

Since we're staying in Murano it means an early morning vaporetto ride to the St Elena station, the closest vaporetto station, from where the Challenge will officially start. And from there we'll be making our way across Castello. 

Next time: What bridges in the rest of Castello?

* If you haven't done so already, please check the Challenge Indiegogo page and support the project!

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