Preparations are in place!

I'm busy re-reading some of the many books on Venice I've read in the past, just to get a feel for the history of the place again. They're all standards that people who like Venice will know, and all required reading for people planning a visit. Top of the list are books by John Ruskin and Jan Morris, and I'm scan-reading the Peter Ackroyd one. For fun I may watch the Al Pacino version of the Merchant of Venice, an absolutely superb film. All on the iPad... what did people do before the iPad?

All is in place now for the launch of the Indiegogo campaign. I just need to put the promo video to bed, hopefully tonight, with Adeline's help. So I'll probably flip the switch tomorrow, and then there's no turning back.

The gondola has been boarded, and is sailing down the canal.

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