The Indiegogo campaign is live!

That's it. The Gondola has, in a manner of speaking, been pushed into the water. Now it's just row, row, row.

When I got the idea for the 100 Venice Bridges Challenge a few weeks ago, I thought it would just be something to do while I'm in Venice for ten days in April.

But then one conversation around the kitchen table led to another, and I thought to myself, why not make it into a book?

I've published a few photo collections through the years, so if I was going to end up with a few hundred photos of different bridges in Venice, why not do the same?

More-over, why not make it something other lovers of could participate in through social networks on the Internet?

That led me to set up the Indiegogo campaign to crowdfund the Challenge, but also to share some goodies I can make while at it.

After a week or so of writing, gathering material and jumping through all the hoops the Indiegogo campaign to raise money that'll enable me to publish the Challenge book in the second half of the year is now ready.

You can visit the campaign page here and find out more about the Challenge and see some of the benefits I'm offering - a postcard from Venice, a poster I'll be producing, and of course, signed copies of the book itself.

Please help me realise this goal by supporting it through Indiegogo!

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