What if I get horribly lost?

Getting lost comes with the territory in Venice. Its warren of narrow lanes, canals and campi - courtyards - that are laid out in a confusing tangle are easy to get lost in. One of the most common sights in Venice is a tourist, map in hand, looking around in a sort of dazed way, checking for names and direction indications. Except, I won't be a tourist, and I won't have all day to get where I'm going.

While I'm doing the best I can to ensure I can move from one bridge to another without losing my way (I'm counting on you, Google Maps) I'll be quite surprised if I'm not waylaid once or twice. Given that I'm on a very, very tights schedule it's going to be interesting to see how that affects how long the Challenge takes.

It brings up lots of memories from the series Amazing Race, where sometimes competing couples soldiered on long into the night in order to complete a challenge (!!) only to give up all tired and flustered, and be elimiminated from the race.

Fortunately I'll have Adeline with me. I may be the better reader in the family but she's way more direction conscious than me. Which should be make for a good couple to make sure I stay on time.

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