Bridge Sixty-Six - Ponte della Costituzione

And then, ten steps further, we were at the bridge we've been looking forward to for most of the day - Ponte della Costituzione, that is,  Constitution Bridge. Or as it's colloquially called, the Calatrava Bridge, after the Spanish architect who designed it. The bridge has a modern, minimalist design that's a mix of the old and new. It has Istrian stone steps that are a traditional Venetian bridge feature set in a trendy steel frame with glass side panels.

Ponte della Costituzione

Apparently it was controversial from the start with complaints about its out-of-place design, lack of wheelchair access, and the fact that it duplicates the function of the Ponte degli Scalzi which is only a stone's throw away. But then, a few  thousand people a day use it to cross from Piazzale Roma to the station area and onwards into Venice along the Grand Canal's left bank, so it can't be that bad.

Ponte della Costituzione

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