Bridge Eighty-Eight - Ponte San Giovanni Grisostomo

Dusk was now fast approaching, and more shop window lights were coming on, contrasting with the fading light over the canals and in the alleys. The city's breathing seemed to slow down as it readied itself for nightfall.

Ponte San Giovanni Grisostomo is almost like a sister bridge to the previous bridge we visited, Ponte de l'Ogio. It's similar in style with broad stone steps, weathered-looking railing pillars and a slightly more simple iron railing design. The general surroundings also have the same gritty appearance - lots of random scribbles on the walls, fading paint and a visual cacophony of signage and notifications, inviting passers-by to an Italian lesson and a classical music concert, among other. It's a perfect set for a gothic-inspired, post-apocalyptic sci-fi movie, yet I believe for the average tourist it is the face of romantic Venice they'll remember.

Who was the saint the bridge is named after? San Giovanni Grisostomo - Saint John Chrysostom - was an early church father whose epithet Chrysostom means 'golden-mouthed', thus gifted orator. As with the earthly remains of many other clerics of the early church, his relics have a colourful history - at least four places claim to be in possession of his skull, including the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence and the Dal Pozzo chapel in Pisa.

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