Bridge Eighty-Three - Ponte del Ravano

Ponte del Ravano is a functional stone bridge connecting two long, narrow calli.

Ponte del Ravano

Looking around while standing on its crest, I didn't see much distinctive about it but then something caught my eye: a stencilled piece of street art painted in fading black just below the top of the parapet with the wording 'Wake up Italy'. Obviously a passing artist had the opinion that Italy was asleep.

Street art in Venice

I know lots of people – many of them Italian – who'd laugh and agree, what with three-hour siestas and spritzers before ten in the morning being part of life in Venice. But other than that I don't think Italy has much waking up to do – they are who they are, and Venice is simply the stamp of the character of a people whose intense love of the goodness in life is infectious and wonderful.

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