Bridge Seventy-Six - Ponte del Parucheta

You may say the name of our next bridge, the Ponte del Parucheta, has something to do with a piece of fabric dropping from very high up with a person attached to it, but it doesn't. 'Parucheta' refers to the habit of merchants in the area of wearing wigs.

We didn't notice any wig-wearers in the vicinity, but were drawn to walk on when we heard the strains of a violin and guitar being played up ahead. We turned a corner and yes, there they were: two musicians playing an upbeat, Latin-inspired song in front of a backdrop of colourful posters advertising art exhibitions. We stood and listened for a minute or two, dropped a Euro or three in their open instrument cases and left them behind to search for our next bridge, their pretty music softly fading away behind us.

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