Bridge Seventy-One - Ponte San Polo

It was a four-minute walk to the next bridge, Ponte San Polo, named for the nearby Chiesa San Paolo Apostolo, the church of St. Paul the Apostle. (For the linguists, 'San Polo' is the Venetian dialect version of San Paolo.)
Note the blue 'no boat parking' sign, to the right above the eater line.

We saw the church after crossing the bridge. The five o'clock mass was underway and a prominent, rather curt sign barred tourists and casual passers-by from entering.
I have a deeply rooted respect for spiritual places and from experience believe that many of the churches in Venice aren't treated with enough reverence by visitors. So we stood still for a moment listening to the singing voices coming from inside the church before moving on across the Campo San Polo, the largest campo in Venice. The bridge on its other side, the Ponte de la Madoneta, was our next stop.

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